Typically, a Mini Storage building is designed around a 5' x 5' grid. Most buildings are built with a 5' increment in width and a 10' increment in length. Cross partitions are spaced 10' apart. The lengthwise partitions that separate one side from the other are moveable on 5' increments. By following these two guidelines you can't go wrong on the building design.

The most popular size units nationwide are 10' x 10 and 10' x 15'. With this in mind, the most common size buildings are 20' and 30 wide. These buildings can be any length to fit your site in 10' increments.

Another common feature of self storage is that many times your lot will have some slope. Our buildings can readily be adapted to your property by "stepping" the slab and roof line to fit your site. Usually this is done on 12" increments. This saves you money on site preparation and allows for good drainage off of the driveways.

10' x 150' Single Slope

10' or 15' buildings work well to "surround" a piece of property. You can actually use narrow buildings to serve as your fence.

20' x 150' with End Units

The 20' wide building is very popular when your project requires a large number of smaller units 5' x 10' or 10' x 10'. This is particularly true when your customers are apartment dwellers or college students.

30' x 150' with 6 End Units

The 30' wide building is by far our most popular size. You can offer a wide variety of sizes with the 30' width (5' x 10', 10' x 10', 10' x 15', 10' x 20'). You can even offer a 10' by 30' unit by removing a partition. The 30' width is a perfect size to build for the first building on a new site. You can use it to determine the size of units your customers desire.