In 1993 owner Gregg Simpson developed and patented a steel truss designed to compete with the wooden structured pole barns.

Our Steel Frame Truss buildings are custom designed to your layout. All buildings are manufactured according to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), using all of the highest commercial grade components available. Our base building is designed to withstand a 20 pound snow load and an 90 mph wind. Additional loading is available by increasing our framework. Our Steel Frame Truss buildings have a maximum width of 50' and height of 16'. Designed to carry the same snowloads as several wooden trusses, the steel trusses can be spaced as much as 20' apart.

  • All buildings come complete with an erection manual and easy to read drawings.
    • Anchor bolt plans are also included.
  • Buildings can be designed to set on a variety of foundation conditions.(Building is designed on 3:12 pitch)
  • Bolts and screws are supplied by us.
  • All roof and wall panels carry a 40 year warranty (except crimson red (30 yrs) and polar white (25 yrs)) on the finish, against fading, peeling, cracking or rust through. Panels are cut to length requiring very little field cutting.
  • Roofing panels are 26ga. 80,000 psi Galvalume+, which is a superior roofing product used throughout the metal building industry. It is comprised of an acrylic coating applied over the top of an aluminized coating which is applied over the top of an already galvanized steel panel giving it a shiny appearance.
  • Wall panels are 26ga. 80,000 psi painted galvanized steel. They are comprised of a modified silicone polyester paint applied over the top of already galvanized steel panels.
  • We offer 13 standard colors for walls and roof.
  • All buildings come completely trimmed out in color. Sculptured gable, eave, corner and base trim as well as jamb and head trim are included.
  • Buildings are shipped directly to your job site with freight pre-paid by us (with exceptions).